When I try to add any extension I get a pop-up message that a file is blocked by my organization


Searching “chrome blocked by my organization” should get you some more related pages to resolve this, if these links can’t help


Thanks, but I don’t use Chrome, the problem is with Brave after I updated to the latest version

Version 1.61.104 Chromium: 120.0.6099.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)

However, just for gigs, I did open Chrome Version 120.0.6099.110 (Official Build) (64-bit) and there is no “More” in upper right.



The instructions are the same, which is why he shared it with you. Nobody was telling you to get Chrome but instead was telling you how to resolve your current issue. You just swap names, so if it says “Chrome” you pretend it says “Brave.”

When Brave is properly managed by an organisation to prevent users from installing browser extensions, the store page will look different to the one your screenshot. The store page will have a big red banner at the top informing the user that “Your admin has blocked this item” and the “Add to Brave” button will be greyed out, preventing the user from even trying to install it.


Does the issue still occur if you add a new Brave profile for testing and then try to install the extension in this new profile. A newly added test profile shouldn’t have any extensions installed (however, double-check brave://extensions on this new profile to make sure none have been side-loaded by other software on your computer).

[Brave menu ☰ > More tools > Add new profile] and name it “Test”.

How To Create A New Profile In Brave Browser:

How To Delete A Profile In Brave Browser:

If it works OK in the new test profile, then it’s likely one of your other extensions is interfering with the download and you’ll need to figure out which one. I’d start with ones most likely to cause this type of issue first, such as download managers.


How can the instructions be the same for Brave as for Chrome. There is no More option


How can the instructions be the same for Brave as with Chrome? For starters there is no “More” option at the top right on Brave.

“Here’s how to check if Chrome browser is managed:

Creating another profile and then adding the extension worked. Had PC Matic extension before I updated my Brave browser. Not sure why a previous extension would suddenly block any extension being added? And unfortunately a search on the error message I was getting was no help at all… I will do some testing to see if PC Matic contributed to the problem.

For now…THANK YOU!

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