Unable to install any Chrome extensions. Image decode failed

Unable to install any Chrome extensions/themes. I receive the following error code: “There was a problem adding the item to Chrome. Please refresh the page and try again. Image decode failed”

Version 1.44.105 Chromium: 106.0.5249.91 (64 бит)

@dotnet Thank you for at least providing the Brave version number. That said, it would help to also know which OS you’re using. For example, there was someone else who had experienced your same problem, but on Linux. Their solution is as you see below:

Here was my problem:

It was because some google content was blocked in my hosts.

You can check if it is the same for you.

how to edit hosts: sudo nano /etc/hosts

Another person said they just had to reinstall Brave (don’t uninstall it, but just make sure to download and apply the new update again) and it resolved:

Then you had others who said it was happening because of popups being blocked, which means you could try doing with Shields down.

As you can see, there’s not been any “one size fits all” solution. For others it was clearing cookies and browser settings. Other fixed by disabling extensions. Some just had to open in Private window and it installed.

So beyond mentioning all of these things, I’m not sure what to tell you.

OS - Windows 10
What I’ve tried:

  1. reinstall Brave - did not help
  2. the beta release - did not help
    3)doing with Shields down - did not help
    4)clearing cookies and browser settings - did not help
    5)In private window - no way to install extensions
    6)I don’t see any pictures in chrome webstore
    7)Moreover, I’ve tried to disable Shield in Settings - did not help

What do you mean “Other fixed by disabling extensions”?

I mean they went to brave://extensions/ and disabled the extensions they had installed. It was one of their existing extensions that created a conflict.

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I have no extensions at all. :thinking:
I think, I’ll try to install Chrome, and then migrate extensions from Chrome to Brave…

It will be interesting to hear if it works that way. I’m drawing blanks because I’m not that knowledgeable on anything beyond the basics. Most of my help comes from either having experienced issues myself in the past, seeing others get helped, or just getting lucky as I experiment with things to replicate.

If wasn’t the weekend, I’d try to see if @Mattches could pop in. In terms of Users who might be able to help, not sure if @chh_68 or @CerealLover might be able to help better as they are quite knowledgeable. Also know @Chocoholic is always learning more and tracking issues. So we’ve got them tagged in and will see if any can give better suggestions.

(what gets me is it’s probably going to be something simple I should have noticed)

Funny, but in Chrome I have the same problem…

@dotnet I know when trying to research, you can see articles like https://www.gtricks.com/chrome/how-to-fix-chrome-extensions-not-installing-image-decode-failed-error/

I just don’t know if should do things like where they say to edit the Host files. (or even if it would work).

I also know they say like in the bonus method, that you could just download CRX file and install. It’s a pain though, way too many things people suggest.


Hence why I said, my limited knowledge and expertise isn’t going to jump to any answer. I’d just be toying with things all day and randomly guessing. So guess it comes down to you with trial and error. I mean, not sure if VPN or antivirus might be interfering if you’re using either of those.

I’ll just be leaving things here, as I have no more to offer. Hopefully you’ll figure it out with what has been said or one of the people I’ve tagged will come in with the solution.

I fixed it!
1)Going to page of VPN Service in Chrome WebStore( I used Browsec VPN - Free VPN for Chrome)
2) Copy URL of this page.
3) Going to https://crx-downloader.com/ and paste url of extension, then download .crx file
4) Unpack it, and then in Brave (or in Chrome, or in another Chromium browser) going to brave://extensions/ , enable "Developer Mode" choose Load unpacked extension and specify the path to the unpacked .crx archive
5) Extension will install manually.
6) After enabling VPN, Chrome webstore is working.

P.S.: Of course, you can manually install each extension, but everything works “in box” with VPN Service


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