When I execute BraveBrowser all my directory of files is "only read"

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When I execute brave my system of files is only read, I can’t make a directory,
do a apt, nor open others programs because I get “read-only file system”

Only occurred it when run Brave, then I need do fsck because I cant enter in my OS.
I need help for solve this problem I’m using LinuxMint

Brave version 1.25.72

This may not help but I just experienced the same thing, all files Read Only. It happened to me when I ejected a USB drive. Have not figured out how to recover so I will have to dump and reinstall. Just finished recovering data and pics. Now I want to recover Brave passwords hopefully. Good luck.

If you have Linux only start in live and repair manually the partition where you have the problem in live.
#lsblk -f for show the partition and for rapair
#fsck -fy /dev/sdX where X is the number of the partition.
This only will repair the system of files, but if you have the same problem after do it, need found what provoks the problem.
In this case if Brave i think that is a module but I don’t know what is, because with Mozilla don’t happend it.

Thank for luck:)

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