Rendering hard drive files on Brave browser

As mentioned in the past (the only post I’ve made here), Brave is still the only browser that will not render onboard files (from hard drive), correctly. For this example: In all my browsers, I have a home page I use; it’s an html file that I’ve used like this for literally a few decades. I’m Linux only; on my PC’s and laptops. I keep it in Dropbox so that no matter what PC/laptop I’m on, there it is, synced, and in the first pinned tab! Except on Brave. So, just for Brave, I made a copy of it from Dropbox and placed it in my Documents folder, hoping that would resolve it. I’ll right-click on the file and open in Brave and it does. I pin it and have Brave set to: Continue where you left off!
When I launch Brave again with that same file extension in a pinned tab, instead of opening it like all other browsers do, it gives a blank page with:
Your file couldn’t be accessed: It may have been moved, edited, or deleted. ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND
It’s never moved! Again, this only happens with Brave browser. Extensions do not matter; I’ve tried every possible permutation to no avail. This is about some setting I cannot find, or it’s a glitch or a bug. If its designed to be that way, then the browser must/will remain at a grade of D! It cannot be recommended as a default browser. Otherwise it’s my favorite chromium-based browser.

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