Brave unable to launch at all in linux

I’ve been using brave browser happily for months now and recommend it to everyone but yesterday I ran into an issue seemingly after installing a flatpak for onlyoffice. Now I can’t even launch into brave and if I try to launch from terminal I get this output " /usr/bin/brave-browser: line 48: 28632 Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped) “HERE/brave" "@” ". Every time I try to launch I get this output but the number after line 48: is different.

I’ve tried many things including removing flatpaks altogether from my system, rebooting, reinstalling, installing nightly build, using timeshift to restore the system all to no avail. HELP PLEASE!

I can’t access log files or crash reports as the browser won’t even launch.

I’ve never had firefox installed but I had to, finally and that works fine. Also the pre-installed web browser works.

My OS is Linux LMDE4

Brave Version

Help greatly received!


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maybe try reinstall?

maybe u run brave with sudo, then need remove ur profie
sudo rm -rf ~/.config/BraveSoftware/
but it delete all ur settings

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Thanks for your suggestion. I finally am up and running with brave again!

After removing flatpak altogether I reinstalled only office and it’s dependency’s and somehow that resolved the situation. I don’t know if fonts can affect how brave works or whether it was something else but hey ho I’m up and running!


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