External Drive/Partition Access

I have Brave up and running on Pop_OS without any trouble, except for one thing. I frequently have need to open local content from drives/partitions that are not part of my Linux installation, or I save content/downloads to partitions that are separate from my Linux partition. So far, I have been unable to figure out how to do this with Brave. I can only read/write to files/folders nested under /. Perhaps it’s easy, but I’m not seeing a way to do it. From Linux itself or FireFox, on the same system, this is no problem. Can anyone tell me if Brave can access drives and partitions that are not part of the Linux file system that Brave is operating in?

Thank you.

If you have it mounted (on boot) it should be accessible. You may run into issues running as a “regular user” that you’ll need to sort with the Pop!OS folks. I generally come from an older school and I would look to mount(8) and the fstab(5) file.

There’s probably an “easy” GUI way to do it now.

Basically make sure it’s mounted on boot and your login user has rw access.

Hey Caffeine,

Thanks for the reply.

I’m trying to hit a NTFS partition on the same physical drive, or sometimes an external USB drive in more of an impromptu nature. I can tell you that prior to starting up Brave, these areas are easily accessible for r/w from both GNOME’s file browser and from FireFox that comes with the Pop_OS distro without any additional configuration of setup. So, I would have thought just about any browser app should also have the ability, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with Brave. Having to fiddle with mount and fstab, while possibly an answer, sort of defeats the more ‘on the fly’ access that I’m seeking.

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