File system error when starting brave

I’m facing an issue when I start brave on my computer.

Actual Result
Every time I start brave, a file system error occurs, causing the file system to be remounted as read-only making it impossible to modify the file system.

Expected result
No error should occur. The file system should remain as read-write.

Reproduces how often

Brave Version
Brave Browser installed with snap on Zorin OS 15.3.

Reproducible on current live release (yes/no):

Additional information:
The following entries where found in kernel.log:

  • audit: type=1400 audit(1629199284.128:112): apparmor=“DENIED” operation=“mkdir” profile=“snap.brave.brave” name="/etc/brav
    e/" pid=4553 comm=“brave” requested_mask=“c” denied_mask=“c” fsuid=1000 ouid=1000
    The following entries were found in dmesg
  • brave[11488] trap int3 ip:565448ed9ea1 sp:7ffe261999d0 error:0 in brave[565444f5f000+951b000]
  • audit: type=1400 audit(1630612739.545:138): apparmor=“DENIED” operation=“mkdir” profile=“snap.brave.brave” name="/etc/brave/" pid=12001 comm=“brave” requested_mask=“c” denied_mask=“c” fsuid=1000 ouid=1000
  • audit: type=1107 audit(1630612743.632:141): pid=1709 uid=103 auid=4294967295 ses=4294967295 msg='apparmor=“DENIED” operation=“dbus_method_call” bus=“sys
    tem” path="/" interface=“org.freedesktop.DBus.ObjectManager” member=“GetManagedObjects” mask=“send” name=“org.bluez” pid=12001 label=“snap.brave.brave” peer_pid=1938 pe

First, can you update to the latest release (v1.29.76 at the time of writing this) and test to see if the behavior occurs still? If you can’t open the browser to update it, you might try updating via Terminal:

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