What other ways can you update your version of Brave?

The dialog below is one I only see while I have Brave open.

If I’ve closed out of Brave and want to update to the latest version before reloading it, how would I go about doing that?



I’m not entirely sure I understand the question, but if you closed the browser entirely and downloaded it again from brave.com/download, that would install the latest version before the app launches again. Is there a reason why you would like to avoid simply using the Relaunch button? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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@sampson Thanks, I assumed that d/l’ing it at brave.com would lead to a full download ‘as new’ – and that an update is faster, uses less resources, etc. (I have a slow Internet connection, so that’s a consideration.)

When d/l’d from brave.com, does Brave look to see whether a current version is installed and then just update (instead of doing a full install) when it finds that’s the case? Or am I mistaken that there’s even a significant difference?

Avoiding a relaunch is just a matter of not having to wait through Brave re-opening with my invariably large number of windows/tabs and then close for the update, followed by yet another relaunch again.

Ideally, one could (without Brave loaded) right-click on Brave’s Dock icon (on a Mac) and have a ‘check for updated/new version’ option – then just update, followed by relaunch from there.

The best approach is to click Relaunch within the browser. By that point, the update had already been downloaded and all that is needed is to relaunch the browser once to start using the new version.

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@sampson Understood, but I’m frequently in a situation where I don’t want to do that at the time that Brave prompts me about the update, for various reasons but most often because I have Private and Private with Tor windows/tabs open, which means stopping what I’m doing to see to it that they aren’t lost before doing the update. Workflow-unfriendly.

Then later, I’ve forgotten about the update before I’ve closed Brave.

I just thought there might be a way to update Brave before relaunching the next time I use it. If I go to brave.com/download, will it recognize and just update my current version, or do a separate d/l & install?


Hello @mk7z

for macos it will download the full installation file of the latest version

and for the private and tor tabs i know that what you asking for but you can bookmark those tabs and at least you would still has the links but of course you will need to login again and any thing related to cache or history or cookies will be lost

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @justsomeone1. Bookmarking tabs will work – though not in the case of tabs whose content may (or definitely will) have changed when you reload them (and you want the ‘old’ data preserved). Bookmarking is also, imho, a kludge as a way of preventing tabs from being lost, since it’s really designed for more permanent storage.

There may be an extension I don’t know about that quickly saves windows & tabs and then, on demand, reloads them in the browser and deletes them from their temporary storage location. That would be nice.

Interruption of workflow is the devil in the details here, as with many other situations.

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you very welcome @mk7z

not sure about extension but if there are one it would break the concept of private mode which should mean leave no history or cache/cookies about the sites you visit

but hope you find away through that

another advice sometime app break or something wrong happen so maybe it lead to close the app/browser so try to be ready for issue like that even if it did not happen before but be ready for it better than get surprised later

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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