Install old Version of Brave without updates

Hi, I was told to do this: “If you still have the previous profile, it would probably be best to re-install the previous version of Brave, restore your profile, and then proceed to update the browser in the normal, supported manner.”

How can download and install brave-browser v1.14.84 without this old version automatically updating before I reload my old browser tabs?

Using Windows 10, 64 bit

From a Linux user perspective…
Go to github, find brave releases there, click on assets and download your preferred version ‘.exe’ file.

How to stop windows update something without your consent, It’s beyond my knowlege.

OK I have v1.14.84 installed. I am not trying to stop windows from updating anything, I am trying to stop Brave from updating.
Two questions if you don’t mind:

  1. How do I stop Brave (v1.14.84) from updating automatically?
  2. How do I recover my old tabs from the copy of the Brave Browser folder I made before the old browser crashed?
  1. As far I remember, Brave needed to be updated by using a button in “About Brave”.

  2. I really do not know how it works in Windows beyond “~/AppData/Local/BraveSoftware/”, but this link might be helpful.
    How to import Bookmarks from Old Brave to a new Brave on a different computer? - #15 by Mattches

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