What is the need of Brave wallet?

I have a doubt. If Brave has a built-in wallet then why do users need to add their BAT earned by viewing ads to GEMINI or Uphold accounts

Not a complete answer to your question, but the Brave wallet is a general purpose crypto wallet, not just for BAT.

In few months, BAT will be deposited in that in-built wallet.

Also, the wallet is not only used for BAT as the other user said but to access defi/dex etc

They said they want users to be able to, but they definitely didn’t give any ETA on that feature given the technical/legal issues to solve first.

Check reddit AMA from their CTO and from Luke (from brave team), they will surely do it, but it will take some time, and it is true they haven’t given an ETA.

Though, they said that BAT deposited in the in-built wallet will still require KYC due to laws.

They said they’re exploring the option, but they’ve already been exploring it for two years. Given Brave’s past, it’s not even clear if they’re truly considering it.
If they ever pull it, don’t expect it before a few years.

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Then Brave would have to do identity verification themselves. It’s easier to “outsource” KYC to Uphold or Gemini.

No, I mean if users are going to earn BAT from ads, then why not use the in-built Brave wallet to store them. What is the need of other wallets like gemini or uphold .

Are you willing to pay high gas fees of an erc-20 token?? Sending 1-2$ worth of BAT each time to your wallet will cost Brave team 10-20$ per trade. Also, your own BAT in the wallet will stuck as you cannot pay gas fees to move it,

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