Let people use Exodus for bat

hello there, i would like to suggest letting people use exodus wallet for BAT as i feel like gemini is unsafe and i do not have the 15 bat required for uphold


If you would like to request a feature to be added you can go here

You can also upvote currently requested features and/or add new ones.

Hope this helps my guy. GL


Does Exodus use KYC in order to use the wallet? Brave is bound to some anti money laundering rules and can’t withdrawal BAT to it’s users without going through KYC.

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idk lol, tried looking but cant find anything that says if it does or doesnt

Well does it require providing a form of ID in order to create an Exodus wallet or no? Assuming you have an Exodus wallet since you’re recommending it

iirc its just make an account and done

It’s just a wallet, no need to create an account with a centralized exchange or go through the KYC stuff. Seems more in line with Brave’s philosophy than handing over ID and custody of funds to Uphold/Gemini, but what do I know. The “Brave Wallet” is also a thing.

Then I don’t think you’ll see Exodus as an option at least for now, Brave has to comply with some regulations when it comes to having users earn BAT and convert it into fiat or withdraw from the BAT ecosystem. They only can offer wallets that require users to provide ID to verify themselves, like Gemini and Uphold currently do. You can use BAT anonymously within the system like tipping others, but to take it out you must verify yourself.

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By the way, you do not have to reach 15 BAT in order to connect to an Uphold account, if you click on the little BAT triangle (assuming you’re talking about mobile), you can verify the wallet immediately if you already have a verified Uphold account.

Yes you need 15 BAT. If you have a verified wallet it is because you already had the 15 bat to verify once before, as you can have up to 4 instances with brave. Unless you had a verified wallet before the 15 BAT limit was added.

The 15 BAT requirement is obviously for unverified user without an uphold account…

You don’t need 15 BAT to verify yourself on Uphold, you just need an ID. You can make an account on a computer immediately, I didn’t need to reach 15 BAT and got myself connected within my first month of using Brave.

When did you connect and verify through Uphold. I also didn’t need the 15 BAT to verify, but that is because I verified before they added the requirement to have 15 BAT to do so.

Anytime you don’t have 15, and don’t already have a verified uphold account, it will tell you when you click to verify, that you do not have the minimum required amount to verify. Gemini does not require the 15 BAT for verification, this is for Uphold.

If you only need an ID and not the minimum, I would be interested in the process you did in order to do this, as would many others.

Thanks for the reply Dazz.

This must be new or I forgot about it. :thinking:

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A while ago, I did it as soon as I got Brave installed. I first went on my computer, went to Uphold’s website, created an account, and went through the KYC process. Waited for my account to become verified, connected my PC to the wallet to make sure it works, and then moved on to my phone. Clicked the rewards panel, clicked the “continue to login” button like in the screenshot, and it asked me to log into the Uphold account. Logged in and got connected. Didn’t even earn 1 BAT yet on the device.

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@Dazzling_Lime You had to of signed up before the 15 BAT requirement like I did? This is the only think I can think of.

I did it back in March this year, I thought we’ve always had that 15 BAT “requirement” thing. But I got my father to do it and that wasn’t too long ago? Maybe it’s changed I’m not sure but it worked for him too

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It wasn’t always required no. Early bat users didn’t need a minimum. I am not sure tho when it was implemented. Glad we got it done tho :rofl:

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