Why do we need two wallets? one is for brave ad rewards and the other is brave native wallet?

Hi guys, why do we need two wallets?
one is either uphold or gemini for brave ads rewards and the other is brave native wallet (browser). what is the benefit of using these two? or should i just focus on either gemini or uphold to earn BAT?


focus on gemini or uphold.

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Do you need a certain amount of BAT to verify an uphold account ?

no u need for gemini, you dont need certain amount for uphold

BAT is earned by viewing ads via the Brave browser.

Custodial Wallet like Uphold and Gemini is to receive Brave’s reward (BAT). They hold your private keys in order to receive, send or swap with your bank account or any other cryptocurrency.


  • Easy to manage.
  • Customer support.
  • Easy implemetation. (for grandpa’s or non-techy guy)


  • You don’t have your private key. They can block your funds if they detect some irregularities or danger of your account.
  • Vulnerable when your custodial wallet provider get hacked.
  • Your data is shared with third-party. Not private.

Self-custodial Wallet like Brave’s Wallet is to make web3 more accessible (like Metamask extension). People on web3 such as at opensea.io use this type of wallet to buy or connect with the website. This type of wallet make you responsible for your own private key.


  • Your private key is yours only. You are your own bank.
  • Security based on how well you kept your security keys.
  • You can manage your own private and public keys.
  • No registration to third-party means more privacy to you.


  • When you forgot you private key, unfortunately you lost the ability to sell or transfer crypto funds attached to those keys.
  • Preffered by advanced user.
  • Not convenient for beginners.

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