What I need from Brave to fully adopt it

Brave is very good and I support it, it is better than Firefox in so many ways but there are a few things that still prevent me from abandoning FF entirely.

Firstly, I need to be able to fully migrate my FF profile to Brave which has not happened, particularly the browsing history. I love to be able to just type keywords in the address bar and get that link that I visited a year ago. The bookmarks are not user-friendly either, I have to click many buttons to get to them wheras with Firefox it was visible in the top left corner. The menu bar needs to be brought back to Brave, FF allows me an option to keep it or press Alt.

Also, FF allows me to limit the size of the entries folder so I don’t get 100,000 tiny files in one folder. The option may be hidden in about:config but is doable. Brave’s temp folders keep increasing on my computer, particularly the Greaselion folder.
Another suggestion might be to keep all these in one database file with regular cleanup intervals to keep it from ballooning.

The other thing is that Brave does not remember which Youtube links I clicked so I am unable to remember sometimes which videos I already watched on a channel. On FF the blue link would become purple after clicking so I would know, Brave needs to do the same.

And the last thing is the tabs. I’m grateful that Brave retains my session without me having to go out of my way to ensure it but I notice it reloads every tab upon relaunch or at least the 10 most recent. It should only do this when I click the tab. Yes, I’m one of those people with hundreds of tabs open at a time. It’s a mess but less of a mess than my bookmarks and I don’t need gigabytes of memory used on this.

Apologies if most of my issues are configurable options but I have not come across them if that is the case.

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