Can I transition to Brave?

I tried Brave once before, early in development, but gave up on it right away. I’d like to give it a more earnest effort this time, but I’ve a couple of hurdles to clear:

Does the browser have an available bookmarks menu on the left side, as does Firefox? If so, how do I enable it? (I have a LOT of bookmarks in Firefox.)

Google Widevine: Is this nefarious? Does it degrade Brave privacy features? CNN needs it, apparently. I’ve read Netflix does not work without it. I believe YouTube works, regardless.

Does Brave work Amazon, Walmart, banking and other financial web sites?

Why does a content-specific menu item appear to “Install” this or that web site? Earlier, it was “Install YouTube,” now it is “Install Brave Community.”

I don’t want to bother with more questions. Is there a site or video that does a GREAT job mapping out the feature set for BEGINNERS?

I have to say, it is fantastic to finally visit a site that is crammed with advertisement without interruption or having to enable this or that script to access content!

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