Please can you add these 2 features so I can switch from Firefox to Brave Browser!

Hi Brave, I’ve been using Firefox for years but I find it impossible to switch to Brave without these 2 features which has been giving me the smooth browsing and organizing experience I need:

1) Please add Separators:
When I bookmark a set of websites into 1 folder, I need to separate the bookmarks with separators in-between them in order to group them together within the same folder.

2) Please don’t have the folder menu close when I move a bookmark around inside the folder.
As I’m browsing, I’m almost always bookmarking new links into a single folder. But when I grab a bookmark (within the folder) and move it into place, then let go, the whole folder closes, which means I need to open it again and again as I organize all the bookmarks into place. Can you please make sure the folder remains open while I move bookmarks around until I close it myself (by clicking out the folder somewhere). So all the folders that get opened when I’m move bookmarks around need to remain open (basically, just make it the way it is in Firefox and it will go a long way).

One of the main reasons to use a browser or not comes from it’s organization flow.

Thanks Brave!