What happens if I connect more than 4 devices to uphold?

Till June I have connected 4 devices to my uphold account. In the early July I connected one more device to my uphold. After knowing that only 4 are acceptable, I disconnected the recent one.

And now, I didn’t receive payout for any of my first 4 devices yet.

Hope, some one helps me out with this.

@steeven @Mattches

Possibly Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account also it’s still processing MEGATHREAD: August 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support

Thanks for answering @eljuno .

will the 5th device bat won’t get credited or else for the whole devices bat been ignored?

FYI, All the devices got connected to uphold on or before Aug 4th 2020 and as I come to know that only 4 devices can be connected to it. I disconnected the fifth device from uphold before August 4th as well.

AFAIK only the first 4 devices will receive payments, the 5th and next ones will only have access to your tokens in uphold in order to tip creators with them.

Since @eljuno is checking this thread, please correct me if im wrong.

Also a question for @eljuno. The lifetime of 4 devices will change in the future? I mean, is someone working on a way to remove devices from that list?

In any case thank you for your response.

but yet I didn’t receive any payout for this month from any of my devices to uphold :sob:

Payments are still being process. Be patient.

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The only thing that I can say, the team may add this feature in the future.

IIRC, you should see the claim button for your 5th device. And for the other, the payment is still processing.

Idk what the matter here but still none of the four devices went to processing mode !

Please be patient. Your 5th device will not have BAT transferred into Uphold – your tokens will remain in your wallet. Your other devices will receive payment as soon as they’re processed. I’m closing this thread now – if you have another issue or haven’t received payment in the next 24hrs please open a new one and we’d be happy to assist.

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Sure, thanks @Mattches :grin::grin:

Hey @Mattches, may I know why ads are not getting since yesterday evening? Btw I’m from India.

its the same prob here, me havnt recieved any ads for a few days now and also me havent recieved my BAT payments yet… its been 2 days :sob:

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