MEGATHREAD: August 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support

Payments have completed processing. If your Uphold wallet is verified and you have not received your payment, please see Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account.

Brave Ads Payout status:

  • Verified wallets (Uphold): :red_circle: Payments complete.
  • Unverified wallets: :red_circle: Payments complete.

This is a support megathread for the Brave Ads payout date starting on August 5th, 2020. Please redirect all support questions regarding the August 5th, 2020 Brave Ads payout here.

Please note that this thread is for Brave Ads earnings payouts to Brave browser users . This thread is not for creator/publisher payouts for tips, referrals, etc.


Didn’t receive your payout or only received a portion of it? Here are some things to check first.

  1. Are payouts still processing? Although Brave Ads payout transactions begin on July 5th, it may take some time to fully process the large list of transactions. You may therefore see other users receiving their payouts before yours arrives. The team will keep everyone updated about payout progress (see above or below ). If the payout period has fully completed and you have not received your payout, post below and we can help you!
  2. Are you included the payout period? Please note that the payout on July 5th is for Brave Ads earnings throughout May (plus any BAT you’ve accumulated before that). If you only recently enabled Brave Ads (for example, on July 2nd, 2020), you will receive your payout in next month’s payout period.
  3. Is your browser updated? Please make sure that your version of Brave is up to date -
  4. Maybe you received it! If you do not have a verified wallet, you will need to go into your Brave Rewards settings and look for a "Claim your ad earnings now!" button. You must click that button in order to claim your BAT payout. If you do have a verified wallet, your payout will be deposited automatically into your Brave Rewards wallet and Uphold account. Please double-check if it’s there! (Usually, Uphold will send you an e-mail receipt of the payout transaction.)

Submitting a good support post

In order to best help you, please include the following in your post:

  1. “I have read through the checklist above, and it seems that none of those reasons apply.” (Yes/no)
  2. Which platform are you on (Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux)?
  3. Have you ever received payouts in previous months, or is this your first time?
  4. Do you have a verified wallet? That is, is your Brave Rewards wallet connected to a verified account?
  5. If you have a verified wallet , have you ever connected your Uphold account to 4 or more different devices in your lifetime? This includes previous installations of Brave, Brave on different platforms, as well as Brave-Beta, Brave-Dev and Brave-Nightly versions.
  6. If you have a verified wallet , did you ID-verify using an ID from a region that is unsupported by Brave Ads? For example, even if you live in the United States, did you verify with a Kazakhstani passport/driver’s license?
  7. If #5 and #6 do not apply to you, please send me (@steeven] a PM with a brief note about your issue. (Please send via private message only.)
  8. Uploading supporting screenshots of your Brave Rewards settings page is very helpful.
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Payments are currently processing. Will open thread once they are farther along.


Payouts are still processing. Thank you for your patience.


Payouts are still processing. Please withhold questions until they have finished processing. Thank you for your patience.


Payments will continue to process throughout the night. The thread will update tomorrow at 7am PST.

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Payments for verified and unverified wallets are still processing.


As payments will continue to process until tomorrow, keeping the post closed for now.

Thank you all for your patience.


An update that payouts are still processing and expected to continue through tomorrow.


Thank you all for your patience. Payments are continuing through the night and into tomorrow.


Good morning all :slight_smile: Payouts are still processing and will continue through the day.


Payments are still processing.