(6devices) but 4 wallet limit per uphold account

Good day brave community, I would like to ask, I have 6 devices, all wallets are already verified and ar connected to my uphold account, here’s the question, let’s say device 1, 2,3,4 will pay my earned bats and 5,6 will not of course because of of the wallet limitaTion, if I will disconnect my uphold acct to devices/wallet 3&4 will 5&6 gonna let me recieve the rewards earned from ads?
Thank you in advance, I appreciate your help.


The answer is no. Only the first four you verified.

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like kever05 said, disconnecting them will not modify the devices list, it will still say you have 6 devices and it will only payout to 1-4. I do not know how they manage this type of data, but maybe is something related to uphold API, but is only a thought.

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Thank you it helps me to understand.

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