What does it mean 'Estimated rewards'?

I’m new on brave and I collect 0.4 BAT watching ADV. In my account appears ’ Estimated rewards : 0.40 BAT’ why estimated? They could be more or less?


Hi @matt6, yes, the actual payout could be more or less (more often less, it seems). I believe it’s because it depends on any scheduled contributions you might have set up, or tipping you do over the month, etc. There could be other factors I’m overlooking, too. Someone with longer experience might offer more on this topic.

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@matt6 @saereV, as you already know the payments are made from the 5th of each month and it usually take some days to complete.
A less known fact is that the bats earned near the listed date are delayed to be paid the next month.
I have made some home-made maths and I would say that time is approximately 2 weeks. That’s why the payments always are lower than what the estimated rewards say.

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@JohnDproof, thank you, I didn’t know about this delay.

Is it not commonly known (or posted somewhere), and why so many post about receiving less than they expected?

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I guess they expected to receive all the bat listed in his pending rewards. :man_shrugging:

I have seen some cases where they receive a lot less, but I don’t know, that could be a bug or they from one day to the other started receiving more ads than they should :wink: :wink: -near the payment date-

Could be anything :grimacing:

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Thank you! So after all arent less BATS but the same number divided, the BATS in the first period of th month earned in the same month and the other earned in the next month. right?

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Yeah,but don’t take as a law since that’s just me doing happy maths :grimacing:


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