How exactly rewards are estimated?

I’m only using brave for 3 months and I love it so far. The conception is brilliant! Today I’ve got an issue (?) however which I would like to discuss if possible:

On my laptop, I had around 3 BAT estimated rewards before payout. I’ve got 0.25 received in total. For March and for April as well.
On my phone, i had at least 2 BAT (probably more but I’ve never imagined that i must keep an eye on the exact amount) estimated but similarly, only got 0.25 BAT payout.

Was the estimated amount misguiding or is there something else I’m missing?
There is no indication that it’ll be paid out in multiple transactions, it’s just says “Congrats! Your March rewards have arrived!”

Please don’t close this question so quickly like the others with similar content because a copy-pasted “Rewards are still processing” is not a very satisfying answer for me.

There seems to be a widespread issue impacting a lot of users. We’ll probably hear from the support teams Monday morning, if not earlier. They will make this right, they just need time. The support team is rather small, but they do great work.

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