Not pay the full amount

As in the previous months, I have received underpayment again.

I checked it on March 31st and that day my pending estimated reward was 4 bat . now i recieved only 2.12bat . actually i have 2 device-1 wallet . my other device’s reward 3 bat. i need +5bat for fix it. someone help me.?

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I am very confused… Do you think it makes sense to pay 2.12bat while earning at least 5-6bat (0.2batx30days) in 1 month? My last three payments 2.17bat(january)-3.69bat(february)-2.12bat(march).Do you say that a week or a 15-day bat is wasted every month?

I don’t know, I don’t use your pc so I can only make guesses here -based on my experience-

where did I said they are wasted? :thinking:

Sorry, I got this post wrong :slight_smile: You mentioned about the delay, but I do not have it. It is invested less than it should be and then it starts again from zero on the 6th of the month .I’ve been testing for 3 months.

mmm, so lets supose… you have accumulated 5 bat in pending rewards, then the payment day you get 2.10, an instead of having left 2.90 you get 0.0 pending rewards? is that what you mean?

yes that’s right , but now i got 2.12bat , my pending rewards still same , not zero… :thinking: on both devices . actually I need to format the laptop as soon as possible . This month I dreamed of getting full payment, but it seems like it will be again zero in one way or another.