Weird disappearance

Does anyone know why my current earnings is diplayed as it is? It was normal till yesterday. Suddently, it is gone and the double hifen is shown along with a 3.500 reward on the top that I have no idea where it came from.

Any help is highly appreciated.

You need to connect to Uphold / Gemini to see the current earnings and earn them. From this update vBATs has been dropped and only connected profiles will get BATs. Disconnected ones will have current earnings displayed this way.

Thanks @SmartyAadi for taking your time to answer me. I got you point, but in principle my Brave is connected with my Uphold wallet as you can see in attached screenshot. It is weird… or I am no longer understanding how to deal with ti LOL


That’s actually just showing that Brave is of the apps allowed to connect to Uphold. Doesn’t show real time. Devices connected disconnect every 90 to 120 days for Account security.

@gvinios You need to look more at Brave’s side. It needs to show connected there. Such as the screenshot below:

Notice on top how it shows Connected?

Is it your BAT balance? Woah!!!

Yes, but it’s from Rewards and Creators. I’ve had some people who were incredibly kind and tipped me as a thanks for the support I’ve provided to them. In terms of Rewards, I earn between 12-30 each month typically. It really does fluctuate quite a bit.

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Thanks @SmartyAadi and @Saoiray for taking your time to assist me.

So, @SmartyAadi : I got your point. But when I look at the Uphold app on my cellphone I see that it is connected (as far as I understand). Please see screenshots attached. I also got paid last month through it.

On the other hand @Saoiray, from the Brave’s side, it is not connected (see below)

However, when I try to connect it says - Limited Uphold account functionality error.

I don’t know what to do… I contacted Uphold support and have been wairing…

I have a section on that in FAQ. Don’t feel like retyping so will just link.

TL:DR = pretend to make a withdrawal (don’t have to complete), take selfie, should work.

It only takes a few clicks to fake a screenshot.

Thanks @Saoiray for the detailed answer.

So, I am in Canada and the closest currency would be US dollar (There are only three possible options available). However, when I select US dollar it asks for SSN/TIN for my annual tax filling […] US bank account. But like I said, I have a Canadian bank account.

In this case, to pretend I will withdraw, a bank account must be registred on my Uphold account and I am a bit lost on this step.

Could you please shed light on this matter?
Thank you in advance

@gvinios Umm, what are you trying to do? They have Canadian dollar. Not only that, but many other currencies. For example:

@gvinios Ah, so the irony here. There’s all these options like I said. But unless they just haven’t updated, they don’t allow funding or withdrawal directly to bank.

So for that aspect, you’d have to contact Uphold directly to find out if any changes. And maybe go create your own topic here to ask if anyone from Canada can share what they have been doing. I’m going to assume maybe they just have been sending to other exchange to withdraw, such as Binance or something.

@Saoiray thanks, man.
Please have a look at this screenshot

When I try to link the bank account, there are only three possible currencies…

On the other hand, like you showed, I do have the CAD as an option for trading as shown below

I’ve contact Uphold support and haven’t heard back yet… Let’s see!
I’m new to it… but these things seem to confusing…

Yeah, they are. The biggest thing is there’s a lot of very strict laws and regulations throughout the world. Each country sees crypto differently and also requires certain licenses or types of reporting. On top of that, you have government sanctions and all that tend to play a part as well. All of that combined can make it difficult for exchanges to do business in countries around the world.

You wouldn’t think there would be an issue with them operating in Canada, but I’m guessing just don’t have the proper licenses or something. In addition though, been some recent changes in Canada as well, such as discussed at

In terms of how to fund and withdraw, seems like you have to do it through another partner, such is discussed below:

It’s weird as, well, screenshots below:

Photos 2_10_2023 19_09_07

You can see all that at

So it seems like they had it for a short period and then it dropped. Not sure what their struggle is!


Mine are also gone and display the same way


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