My earnings disappeared without a reason

It happened twice
Once last month 0.75 just disappeared
Yesterday i noticed 0.46 disappearing too
Did this happen to anyone else


You might not have lost it. Because at the end of the month when he Brave Rewards system assess the amount of BAT earned by you, will verified.

And the if the amount doesn’t add up then the remaining will be included to the successive payout


Can you explaine what you mean by does not add up ?

Add up to what ?


To the payout successive month. Say the shortage was for the April 2022 payout. Then the missing amount will added to your May 2022 payout.


Linked below is a typical answer from a moderator explaining Rewards rollovers.

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I am facing the same issue, but for me i am not receiving rewards accumalated at the end of the month. Its state all over and nothing at the end of the month since february.

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للان لم اتلقى حل للمشكلة؟

Delete & reinstall the brave browser


hi brave
my brave tokens added to gemini wallet

thank you


Do Not delete and reinstall the browser unless you are prepared to lose any tokens you have that are not transferred to uphold or Gemini. It will also count as a new device against the 4 device limit.

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They are still processing payment…wait for few days .


I claimed my rewards but they never showed up in my wallet. Every month there seems to be a problem it’s frustrating.

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