All my rewards have disappeared suddenly

Andriod 12
Brave 1.38.109


I’ve been using Brave since last december and every thing was doind well until today May 5th, because all my rewards have disappeared. I have nothing in my balance only the estimated earnings from today, it is supossed that I had about 3 or 4 BAT.


I take it you’re new to Brave. At the end of each month, your balance transfers from Estimated to the official payments. We don’t get paid until around the 7th of each month. Key thing to keep in mind is that they START the payouts at that point, it’s not when you’re guaranteed to get it. Once it arrives, you’ll have to claim it and might need to do a CAPCHA for it to be placed in the browser.

Since it seems like you don’t have a custodial account (meaning not connected to Gemini or Uphold), you’ll likely get your payment fairly early since it’s just placing vBAT in your browser and you’re not actually getting BAT you can convert to money.

One thing to consider is as long as you’re Unverified, your balance is kept in the browser. If anything happens to your Brave browser OR to the device it’s on, you’ll lost ALL the BAT you’ve accumulated. If you’re able to link to Uphold or Gemini, I’d suggest you do so. The reason is once your BAT is placed in them, it’ll remain there regardless of what happens to your browser or device.

Also, if indeed new, you may want to check out PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

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