Websites won't load

Description of the issue: I can’t open any website whatsoever.
When I try to open a website its loading forever and then showing a DNS error.
How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:
I will be able to open websites
Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.22.71 Chromium: 89.0.4389.114

Additional Information:

Hello @Almog

does those site work as expected using other browser ?

if not then try to disable all extension and try in private mode and see if it help

Yes. I’m using another browsers and its working just fine.

And it doesn’t work on private mode.

did you disabled all extension ?

No, but when you in private mode it does that automaticly

hope you do not mind to disable them even if it that by default

and if it did not work could you go to menu then choose to create new profile andd see if it work on that new one

Nope. Still doesnt work.
I’m sure it has to do something with the DNS server since this is the error I get.

what the configuration off the dns here brave://settings/security


This is the error I get: DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE

it’s Cloudflare

I just changed it and its working. Thank you @justsomeone1

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@Almog you very welcome :slight_smile:

I experienced the same issue. Is this issue the same in other chromium browsers, or is this a Brave problem?

do you have the DNS issue also ?

Yes. After further testing, Chrome experiences the same issue. However, Firefox does not experience said issue when it uses Cloudflare for dns over https.

I think this means it is a Chromium issue.

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thanks for sharing that info

looks like it chromium issue or cloudflare

When I manually set my wifi to use cloudflare, Brave works fine. It only stops working when I specifically set secure dns in a Chromium browser.

This means it’s a Chromium issue, not cloudflare.

DOH (secure DNS) is not act the same way as DNS

DOH send the DNS request using the https so it require 2 thing first to set the dns for your network card or you can set it on your router to make it the default for all devices

then you have to config the browser

but i agree with you that most probably it chromium issue but to be sure

you can fill issue on googel chrome if you like and also try to contact cloudflare

i found this it for android

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