Brave becomes unresponsive to new URLs after a while, suspecting DNS

Version 1.43.93 Chromium: 105.0.5195.127 (Official Build) (arm64)

This has been going on for months, and it only seems to happen when I am on my home WiFi (hotel / Starbucks / etc. WiFi seems to never have this issue). Issue is temporarily resolved by rebooting MacOS (latest version), but then quickly re-appears.
After a while, new tabs won’t load new URLs, spin indefinitely and eventually freeze Brave altogether. Doing a forced quit will quit Brave, but after starting it again, issue persists until rebooted.

Only extension used is LastPass

I am using Eero for home wifi and I’d like to use Cloudflare DNS. I’ve set it both in Brave as well as on the WiFi connection, overriding what the Eero sends (using and by manually setting it. If I remove the CloudFlare DNS settings on the WiFi and in Brave, the issue doesn’t seem to happen when on my home WiFi, but now I am not using CF DNS.
Firefox works fine throughout all of this. Looking for ideas how to troubleshoot this issue as it’s highly annoying and I’d like to continue using Brave with CF DNS.

First I would update Brave as 1.44.101 was just released.

If the issue continues, maybe try a different provider for a while, such as Quad9:

Note that you can target their DNS IP addresses directly, or, use DoH (DNS-over-HTTPS). In your current configuration it sounds like you’re using DoH? If you’re setting this directly in Brave then I’d expect the router/DHCP configs wouldn’t matter, so it isn’t clear what role the settings on the router might be playing – maybe none, but please clarify if I’m missing something there.

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