Websites want to access my location, camera, microphone, and send me notifications

Websites violate your privacy by requesting access to your location, camera, microphone, and hassle you by requesting you allow notifications. The vast majority of these are abuses of the functionality, not ‘legit’ requests. So the default should be to block these requests to protect Brave users’ privacy.

Firefox has this functionality. I have moved from Firefox so I miss it, or rather I don’t like suddenly being inundated with annoying requests from websites.

The feature is check boxes for the following:

  • Block new requests asking to access your location
  • Block new requests asking to allow notifications
  • Block new requests asking to access your microphone
  • Block new requests asking to access your camera

All of these have a white list should you really want to grant these permissions to specific sites.

@billysielu it’s already available. Go to brave://settings/content to set those settings. You just need to flip the switch.

You also able to add whitelist for sites. Or via padlock icon at URL bar.



wow, thanks @eljuno

The problem was just that it’s deep in the settings so I didn’t notice it.

For anyone else wondering, it’s here:

Settings > Advanced > Site Settings


Firefox permissions settings (Menu --> Preferences --> Privacy/Security --> Permissions)

Brave permissions settings (Menu --> Advanced --> Privacy/Security --> Site Settings)

As @eljuno stated, all of these permissions can be individually changed in settings or as you browse by using “lock” icon.
Note that these options are not blocked by default. However, once allowed or denied, you will not be asked again. Additionally, if these settings are set to Block before visiting the site, the notification will not appear at all (I believe this is the behavior you’re looking for @billysielu).


Thanks @Mattches , yes that is the behavior I’m looking for.

Now I just need the settings change to Sync to my other devices :smiley:

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