Brave keeps popping up asking for location access

This has been happing across versions and seems intentional. With every browser I use, I go into settings and turn EVERYTHING off. Camera? OFF OFF. Mic? OFF OFF. Screen? OFF OFF. Location? OFF OFF.

So why does Brave think it’s a good idea to nag me every time I restart to say “hey this site wants your location, I know you turned it OFF universally, but since I think you don’t know here’s a popup about it that you have to click block on”? I frequently and almost exclusively use Private Browsing, so “saving it as a cookie” doesn’t apply.

I know this is a “first world problem”, but it should still honor that I turned it off, or at least offer a setting to stop those popups too. Similar to an “I know what I’m doing” prompt some programs make you type when you are doing something they consider risky.

Also, as sometimes this elicits pushback like “how can you use your browser that way?” or similar, if you use yours differently great for you! I don’t have any need for those features, so I turn them off as they’re useless to me and just potential (no matter how remotely potential) attack vectors if left on.

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