Website can't be reached do to connection not being secure

I am trying to access a website that worked fine in Internet Explorer prior to computer updating to Win11, now IE is gone and browsers will not load site. I can care less about security on it as it is literally just a calculator tool. Is there a way around this annoying error? website is Can’t connect securely to this page (

I have tried Microsoft Edge in IE mode as well and it does not work either


@southworth I was chatting with someone else who was having issues on Windows 11. It seems like there’s been a lot of issues with it. I’m on Windows 10 and when I clicked on your link, I’m able to load it and access everything with no issues.

@Mattches are you guys able to test Brave on Windows 11? I know there was another post where certain types of script and all weren’t loading, such as comment sections on various websites. You can see other post at Websites Comment Sections Not Loading

are you using IE or brave in Win10? I had the same issue on Win10 when i tried using Brave or Edge… I was using IE no problem for it thou… thank you for the help.

I’m using Brave. It’s the only browser I use on my PC. And okay, weird. Either way, hopefully person I tagged will check in with you and the other post when they come back to work. I’m just a user with limited knowledge. I just find myself with a lot of spare time and try to help when & how I can. Sometimes I’m able to stumble across answers and other times don’t have a clue. This seems to be the latter. But I guarantee I’ll be watching and trying to learn as everyone asks questions and hopefully discovers the solution

your help is greatly appreciated either way, i know we can’t have all the answers but it is nice to see help when its needed… thanks again

Can you please tell me what you see/what errors are shown when you attempt to visit this site in Brave?

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