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Hello Brave forum,

When using Brave web browser and deleting all browsing activity, does Brave still save site Data for the websites I visit?

Every time I delete the web browser’s Data there is this “unchecked” box for “5 sites” what does this mean exactly?
This is a little confusing to me and I would like to understand it.

Also, my Brave web browser App always keeps storing “60 MBs” or more of Cached’s Data, no matter how many times I clear Cache, it always comes back to the same.

And I don’t understand why.

Here I have attached a screenshot of what I am describing.

Any ideas?
Thank you everybody.

@Sabrewulf I’ll get to an answer for you but first would like to ask you do a favor and read Tips for posting when you get a chance, especially before you post again in the future. Issue here is you chose Android and iOS for your issue. Yet iOS doesn’t look like your screenshot and also doesn’t provide the same information as you’re seeing. So your issue should be Android only.

Fortunately I think we can answer your question this time, but not labeling things properly and not providing details such as which OS and version of Brave you’re using can make it very difficult to provide assistance.

  • Browsing History gets rid of just that, the history of your sites visited.

  • Cookies and site data tends to remove all your login credentials from the site, all permissions, etc. Basically it treats it like you’ve never been to that site before.

  • Cached images and files is where it saves small bits of information from content you’ve visited. The cache helps to load everything faster the next time you go there. This will be things like all the thumbnails from photos you’ve seen.

  • Saved Passwords is just all the saved passwords you have within Brave. So if you have this checked, it will erase any passwords you’ve asked Brave to remember and will then be unable to automatically login.

  • Autofill Form Data would be things like your address, name, payment info, etc that you might have saved in the browser. So if you check this and clear it, autofill will no longer be possible unless/until you add information to it again.

  • Site Settings tends to be related to Brave Shields. You can adjust settings for each site you visit. So maybe one site I’ll have Block Scripts enabled, but I need it disabled on all the others. It will save that preference for the one site.

I’m honestly torn on the idea of permissions, such as access to your camera or little things like that, which you can see at brave://settings/content/all. I’m going to tag @Mattches to see if he can confirm for me if that’s all cleared in Site Settings, if it’s cleared in Cookies and Site Data, or perhaps if both clear. Just wanted to leave this for clarification based on how I described things. Since not 100% sure I said it right, want to be open on that and not be misleading.

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I believe that Site Settings refers to specific site permissions, where as Cookies and site data refers to…well, cookies and site data for any specific site.


Thank you for taking some of your time to explain it to me. I appreciate it.

Now I have a more clear idea of how it works.

Thank you for explaining it to me, I appreciate it.

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