Lost all my saved passwords after clearing cookies


I had recently cleared up my entire browsing data incl. cookies as I felt it was a bit too cluttered. As expected, I got logged out of all websites and when I tried to re-login using saved passwords on Brave, I noticed that everything had been completely wiped out.

It was my fault that I hadn’t turned on Sync, but after going through a couple of articles on Brave community, I noticed many had suggested finding the Login Data file in the path

C:\Users[User name]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default

Everything seems Greek and Latin to me as it’s all encrypted. Kindly help in assisting me with this issue as there were more than 30-40 passwords saved since I can be quite forgetful at times. :pleading_face:

@mattches could you assist ? Thanks!

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Can you tell me by what method you used to delete cookies from the browser?

Hi @Mattches ,

I deleted cookies via the usual way of clearing browsing history for All the time

Can you also confirm that you did not accidentally have the Passwords and sign-in data option checked to be cleared as well?

I might have accidentally checked those boxes while clearing, as far as I remember.

It seems likely to me that this is the case, given that the data was cleared right after you were trying to clear cookies. Since this happened, have you been able to save passwords/login data in the browser and have that information retained?

I’ve actually turned on Sync right now and haven’t cleared anything yet, so I’m not sure if the passwords would retain after clearing data.

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