Lost all data, passwords, BAT, everything after Brave error prompt to delete browsing history

  1. I was attempting to view an interactive map of early US voting results, when a pop up appeared saying something to the effect of “Brave has failed to load several times, delete browser history now?”
  2. I clicked “okay” as I assumed this was a prompt from Brave and I haven’t deleted my browser history for some time.
  3. I reopened the browser and it’s as though the app has been reset completely, all my data, logins, passwords, BAT, everything is gone! I’ve been using Brave for years and have never experienced any issues like this.
    I need it all restored, I can’t remember all my logins and passwords. Please help! :persevere:


I have the same issue. For over two months Brave no longer saves passwords. There is no add button in the auto fill section. You can toggle both tabs to on and it wont save. Only way is to not close your browser. You can minimize but not close. And put to sleep. I really liked Brave and spoke highly of them. Not anymore. And they dont care. And The BAT rewards?? Joke.

It’s terrible when that happens; we feel your pain; don’t despair; this sort of thing has and will happen to other people; you’ll get through it eventually. Think whether there are any backups/synchronisations you were making, maybe it was even happening without your knowledge (to Google servers for example), and if you can get at those. If not, you could try data recovery services…

Backup, backup, backup!

Having password storage in browser isn’t good design, from what I hear security experts say. Don’t make it into an operating system! Better to remove all that functionality from browser as far as I am concerned. There are good password managers out there.


Yeah, Brave’s got room for improvement… But what’s the alternative? Chrome (with all the terms of service changes from Google)? Firefox (not Chromium-based)?

It’s free and open source, and you can turn off the ads and the rewards… They are trying to have a development business model without f-king too much with your privacy…

As mentioned, I think form-filling should be done by separate software, and the browser be made correspondingly “lighter”.

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