Brave keeps deleting site cookies & settings

Brave automatically deletes cookies & website settings after restarting the browser after I got an update some time this past winter.

I’ve checked through Brave’s settings at least half a dozen times this year double-checking every option I can find that might be responsible for clearing my cache automatically and I can’t seem to find the culprit. Every option in “Clear Browser Data” is toggled off too. Cookies are not set to delete when I close the browser. I don’t have Ccleaner, I only use Ublock & Noscript, and Brave’s shields are off for every site that’s being affected by this issue. It’s mind bogglingly frustrating. I’ve noticed it clears my url bar history after about a week as well, despite my settings…

It’s become so frequent, I’ve had to make backup files for a few websites to restore my preferred settings. It’s especially annoying with my company’s website because I have to reaccept cookies & manually reenter a bunch of information every time Brave resets my cache.

Edit 15:54 8/17
It’s not happening when I close Brave now, it’s just happening randomly for no apparent reason. Just got a pop-up a moment ago for a browser MMO I’ve been playing for years & years asking me to approve cookies. I haven’t closed Brave in over 24hrs…

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So nothing can be done, I assume??

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