Way to add more ad space through Brave/ more rewards

I was thinking about Brave and how you guys redistribute ad revenue to those of us who actually view the ads, and came up with an idea which would allow more ad space to the platform and allow for those of us who would like to participate.

Allow companies to purchase ad space where instead of redirecting the person receiving the ad, it brings you to a page where you complete a “survey” for the company. Typically surveys provide more useful data to companies than a basic ad would so this option for ad space may be more enticing to advertisers.

This of course should be optional, within the rewards settings I should be able to select whether or not I want to see surveys from advertisers. These surveys I would suggest should make more than a typical advertisement.

Please reach out if you have any questions on the idea. I am not at all familiar on how to build anything like this but I believe this may be a new way for Brave to increase revenue for ads and give back to users who take the time to complete these.