Why won't Brave let me see even more ads? For them and me!

Personally, I would be OK with seeing the ads all day (I mean they’re just tiny pop ups) and from my understanding Brave would benefit from something like that. I mean I thought Brave was getting 30 percent of the revenue from ads. Also let’s say they increased the possible number of ads to fifty, BRAVE WOULD BE INSANE! I mean think about it. Fifty or more ads would make Brave irresistible! There would be so many easy BAT’s. Brave would get revenue and more members. And the companies behind the ads would have massive views. But instead of that Brave has chosen the Max ad number to be a possible (but very rare) ten ads per hour. I think that Brave should change its system to make all participants in Brave rewards happier.

Closing this as it’s a duplicate ticket.