Better idea for displaying Brave Awards Adverts

Lately I was very irritated with the Brave Awards Adverts being overlay popups, covering and obscuring page content, and forces interaction with a micro button to close, which feels like I’m being click-baited. Obviously I’ve immediately opted out on the principle of using Brave to get away from this type of irritation. Thing is I, and probably more people would like to participate but not with this level of intrusion, so here’s a suggestion…

Brave has a native ad-blocker, which directly modifies the DOM or page content to remove the adverts. How about REPLACING those adverts with the Brave Ads? That way they’re part of the page, the content is not obscured, and I can click if I like, and don’t have to close the thing before I can carry on reading, or have my concentration broken by a popup?

Obviously this can be implemented on all device versions, there’s no option for all devices. It would be nice if this could be considered to implement the reward ads.

There’ll be 2 types of Brave Ads, @jcilliers.

  • The current user ads, appears as notification, user get 70% of revenue share
  • and in the future, publishers ads, appears on webpage (like current digital ads). 70% to site owner, 15% to user.

Publisher ads will require site owner to opt-in to Brave Ads too and will not “replacing” ads on that site.

Suit yourself, but it doesn’t work for me - works entirely against the principles imo.
I’m talking specifically about the ads blocked by the ad blocker. If you’re worried about some site owner being angry about replacing an advert, then why doesn’t it worry you to completely hide those adverts? Is there any logic here?