I need the answers of those important questions


I need the answers of those questions please:
-When mobile users can support their preferred sites
-I see the earning from ads will be available soon. It is very nice for users. But brave will stop the grants. What about the publishers so? I think It will be better if the users be allowed to withdraw only 90% or less from their ads profit and 10% go as donation to preferred sites and channels.
-I m marketer can I add Bat to exchanges(by voting), make meeting, airdrop…Or I have to ask permission from you?
-I use google , twitter, facebook ads… I want try brave ads, Can you please tell me how?



Hi @joulianet,

No ETA so far. The team is still working on it.

Default behavior is BAT earned via Brave Ads will be used to support publishers via Brave Rewards. Unless users chose to withdrawal it.

I’m not sure about airdrop and exchange. cc @luke.mulks @chriscat on this.

cc @luke.mulks on this.

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For publishers, their revenue sources will come from two things:

  1. User tips/contributions
  2. Ad revenue for publisher-integrated ads

The default behavior when enabling Brave Rewards is to enable Brave Contribute. We expect this default behavior to entail a fairly high participation rate for tips/contributions, at scale.

Publishers will also be able to monetize using Brave Ads in the future. In the same way they can use Google AdSense to monetize their pages for displaying ads to their audiences, they will be able to do the same with Brave Ads. For this, publishers shall earn 70% of the ad revenue, and their visitors will earn 15%. You can read more in the “Phase 2” part of our recent blog post: https://brave.com/brave-previews-opt-in-ads-in-desktop-browser-developer-channel/

With these two streams in mind, a tax, we expect, will not be necessary.

I m marketer can I add Bat to exchanges(by voting), make meeting, airdrop…Or I have to ask permission from you?

BAT is an ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum blockchain. As such, it is a “public” asset, and you may interact with its smart contract in whichever way you like, with no need for our permission. Indeed, we exercise no continued control over the BAT smart contract as it exists independently on the Ethereum blockchain.

Of course, if you’d like to partner with us or work with the Brave Rewards product, then you can always contact our bizdev team. You can find our emails at the bottom of our website (brave.com or basicattentiontoken.org).

Please see this little blog post I wrote up about what being an ERC20 token or smart contract means: https://blog.batcommunity.org/2018/07/ethereum-erc20-and-basic-attention-token-bat/ It also contains the address to the BAT smart contract.

-I use google , twitter, facebook ads… I want try brave ads, Can you please tell me how?

For now, you should contact luke@brave.com as an advertiser. But moving forward, once we fully release the ads platform for public consumption, you will be able to log into an advertiser dashboard, just like you do with Google AdWords. For example, you will find the Brave advertiser dashboard here: https://ads.brave.com (not currently active).

To learn more about the flow, please read our intro guide here: https://www.reddit.com/r/BATProject/comments/7cr7yc/new_to_bat_read_this_introduction_to_basic/

  1. An advertiser launches an ad campaign using the BAT self-serve ad dashboard. (Payments in fiat will be exchanged for BAT tokens in the background.)
  2. The ad campaign (its description, format, links, creatives, duration, targeted demographics, etc.) is added to the BAT network ad catalog .
  3. The ad catalog is downloaded into BAT-enabled applications, such as the Brave browser.
  4. Brave uses locally-running machine learning algorithms to match ads inside the ad catalog to the user’s interests and intent signals, based on locally-stored data.
  5. Once a match is made, the application (Brave) delivers the targeted ad to the user at an opportune and unintrusive time.
  6. If the user chooses to engage with the advertisement, they are rewarded a percentage of the gross ad spend for that advertisement.
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