Increase the amount of ads received!

Brave is reducing the token rewards in regular updates. Please increase the amount of ads in the next update


I understand what you’re saying. Well, this ultimately is up to
On the issue of the amount of ads, I think it’s more important to discuss Brave only allowing limited amount of ads. (I have searched for other ads related topics, and couldn’t find one that discusses this issue. Maybe it’s been discussed before. I’m not aware of that. (Besides, when searching for other ads topics, all I see are topics on ‘NO ADS! NO ADS! NO ADS! I DIDN’T GET A FREE BUCK TODAY! I’M DYING!’ Yes, I’m overreacting. Nonetheless, you get the point.) I just wanted to say that I don’t understand Brave only allowing a limited amount of ads that get shown to a user. Like, what if I want my screen filled with never stopping pop-ups, ads, etc.? So, I can keep on getting ads, and keep on making money. Why’s that not a thing? Sure, again, I assume has their reasons. Maybe advertisers aren’t happy over it. Maybe users don’t make as much profit. Who knows. Just, whatever the issue, wouldn’t it be more commercial if Brave were to allow unlimited ads?
On top of that, for example, I’ve used an app before. That app allowed me to upgrade. It allowed me to either upgrade by paying of watching 30 ads. Those ads were each 30 second videos. Like, if the app didn’t allow me that choice for commercial reasons, then I seriously don’t know anymore. To me, even if there’s something of an issue with it, it definitely seems that allowing unlimited ads are a more lucrative way of business than allowing limited ads.

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Maybe the best way to do this is by increasing the number of ads in settings, those can be altered by users. So those don’t want those ads can be out of the box making others who depend on this can still get what they expect.

The market is almost 50% down and still, rewards are pending for unlucky people(Don’t know the real truth !). Maybe they are trying to get some free bucks!

And one last thing, when I joined the brave they were telling about free grant token at times.
It is now past 1 year I am using this I don’t know what they really mentioned.

They are just boasting for getting users ?? :rofl:

The free grant tokens are sure interesting. Well, no matter what Brave really went after, they are growing with millions.
Even though Brave is nothing like the usual conglomerate, (I’m looking at you, (owner of google)), the deal with success is that they don’t always respond positively to everybody. And they are not to blame, because it simply is impossible to please every single person.
On the topic of Brave’s free grant tokens, I think it’s safe to assume that Brave doesn’t give free grant tokens. (Brave, I’m not looking to criticize. I’m just looking to notify users.) I don’t know how much this is relevant to Brave’s lack of free bucks, any press is good press. (Though I think that giving free money never works with making something a success.)
Now, Brave, I understand if you’re wondering what I would do in such a case. I really don’t think I would care much for giving people free bucks directly from my company. I don’t know how relevant it is to people watching ads, and maybe it makes for more people watching ads, it just so happens to be that people, who are looking for free money, never care for the product that’s behind it. (Again, the free ad money might be different. After all, those who bother to use Brave browser for free ad money, they already bother to use Brave browser, and therefore are a Brave user.)

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