I have a question about brave ads

When I tell it to show brave ads on website’s will the website get money? or will it add token and I get to choose what website get’s the tokens?

Hi @alex6,

First, Brave Ads is not available yet. It’ll be available soon for selected countries first. And there will be 2 type of ads.

  • Direct user ads.

This will available first, IIRC. Brave will sent user a notifications and after user click on it, it’ll open a new tab for ads. This type of ads will give user 70% and Brave 30%.

  • Publishers ads

This will require publishers to opt-in to the system to show Brave ads on their site. With this type of ads, publishers will get 70% of rev. share. Brave and user will get 15% each.

Those BAT then can be used to support publishers via Brave Rewards. Or in the future, user can use it to redeem premium contents, etc.

More https://www.reddit.com/r/BATProject/comments/7cr7yc/new_to_bat_read_this_introduction_to_basic/

Hope that make it clear for you.