Wasn't paid last month, stopped receiving ads

I run Brave on two browsers, my macbook laptop and my windows desktop. Last month my macbook brave only paid out 2.25 BAT when I had earned over 3. Then after I was paid out my amount decreased, which is why I cant verify exactly what I earned last month. My windows desktop has earned 5.56 last month but I never got the same button to claim the reward, it just all rolled into this month. Essentially not paying me for anything from the windows desktop. I also noticed that I stopped earning and receiving ads.

I checked https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360055013431-Why-don-t-I-see-any-Brave-Ads-after-enabling-them-.

Am I not suppose to be play ANY media in order to earn BAT?

I am using the same uphold account for both browsers, is that an issue? It didnt stop me from earning BAT prior to this month.

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