Lost earnings on Brave, etc


I have been using the Brave Ads feature in the browser for a while collecting those bat with those push notifications. I manage to get $0.40 cents two or three months ago and the Brave was freezing all the time and eventually lost the profit as the counter went $0.00. I reinstalled the browser and the counter started working again without clicking (probably paid wallpapers, or any other feature) but the profit is lost before and after the install, right?

My question is until the brave reach 25 bat on Brave Ads there is no assurance that the user will get the earnings right? Only when it sends to UpHold and auto-contribution is disabled the bats are safe…


Hi @hacxx,
If you already have a verified Uphold account (and on windows) you should be able to connect your wallet to your Uphold account without needing to reach 25 BAT.

Also yes, be sure to disable auto-contribution (brave://rewards/) if you don’t want BAT automatically sent to publishers and content creators.

I will not associate my UpHold Account yet but i’m saving my wallet id.


I recently did the one time legacy transfer so I can access my tokens, completed the QR scan, waited ages and none of my tokens are showing up.

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