Unable to login and connect to uphold wallet

I need help with my brave rewards on desktop. Im using macbook. Previously it was all fine for the past few years, then suddenly this pas weeks I cant login connect to my uphold account to claim the rewards due to “Region Not Supported”. Im confuse because It was fine with both of my phone devices. Any solutions for this problem?

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 10.06.34

Keep in mind that the region not supported error is referencing that Brave has stopped allowing Users to connect to Uphold or Gemini in those regions. It doesn’t disconnect people if they were already linked to Gemini or Uphold. Therefore, your computer would be linked if you did it before Brave stopped supporting the country but your other devices wouldn’t be able to connect because you tried to do it after. Also, it means when your computer does get disconnected, it won’t be able to connect again. (Disconnects every 90-120 days on average)

In short, your country isn’t supported right now. It likely will be added again here by the end of the year, but we are waiting to see what’s happening. (And there’s a lot of articles & posts on this if you would have taken your time to search for answers)

Then what will happen every month with the rewards that we collected? Will it be just gone?

The rewards which were deposited into your Gemini account will stay there… Henceforth when you claim the rewards, they’ll store on your rewards wallet till Brave allows your region and you connect Uphold/Gemini

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