Brazil, region not supported by Uphold?

I have an account with Uphold, Brazil is supported but when i try to verify my wallet it says region not supported. As per the Brave log Brazil is supposed to be supported by now. What is happening?

Hello @Starsy

Thank you for reaching us, at the moment the rewards in your region cannot be claimed however you can use them to tip content creators.

Additionally you can check the region restriction using this link.

Let me know if this answers the question, have a great day! :wave:

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I will like to add, YOU CAN STILL CLAIM BATs into your Brave rewards wallet. You just can’t send those BATs into Uphold/Gemini until region is restored.

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Thanks Alice. I’ve just realized that Gemini resumed verification for Brazil, and relinked my wallet, all is well now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Could be because, Linking with Gemini has been restored to users who had it connected before this issue began altogether. So you can connect irreespective of your geo location, if your rewards profile was connected to Gemini earlier. New rewards profiles still won’t be able to connect until region is restored.

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Hey @Starsy

I’m so happy that the issue has been fixed. Let us know if you have any other question. :wave:


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