Want to change from Gemini wallet to Uphold, but there is no logout button (+pic)

Hi community, is there any option or button to logout from my Gemini wallet to Uphold, (i am verified in both). I like Uphold more than Gemini, but i am unable to change from one to another.

Go to rewards settings by clicking on Gear icon in the rewards page
There probably when you click on it, you’ll get disconnect option.

Sorry, still can’t find the option :worried:

Is your Brave updated to the latest version?


@SmartyAadi They are using Nightly. In that, they don’t have the option to disconnect anymore. On Release, it still looks like:

Scammer - Brave Community - Brave 1_20_2023 12_11_20

On Nightly:

Want to change from Gemini wallet to Uphold, but there is no logout button (+pic) - Brave Rewards _ Rewards Support - Brave Community - Brave 1_20_2023 12_12_07

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@JoseLuis Not quite sure on that because you’re on Nightly. As it always advises, you’ll be a couple steps ahead of the normal and can encounter bugs. That said, might just be the push they are going for the moment. It’s possible they are going to make it so you have to go to Manage Brave Rewards and then Reset it, which will start you off new and then you connect.

What we’ll do for now though is tag @Mattches and @SaltyBanana to see if either of them have any ideas on this.

I see. I did not know about this lol. Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

@Saoiray is correct — you’ll need to reset your Rewards profile, then create a new one and connect to Gemini.

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