Unable to log out from Gemini (I'm on stable)

I want to change from Gemini to Uphold because Gemini stopped being available in my country. My session was logged in with Gemini and now after it stopped being supported, I’m unable to log out. I don’t want to reset my rewards if possible, because I have some accrued that haven’t been cashed out since the custodian stopped being supported. Basically t’s happening the same to me as this guy

but I’m not on nightly


This is the latest version as far as I know. I’m currently on windows but this is happening in two linux boxes as well, and that’s the reason I don’t want to reset.

I see this


and this


Which shows that the session was logged out but no option to switch the custodian, just log back into Gemini (which ends up in error). On a fresh device I have Uphold with no problems

Okay. You need to reset the brave rewards profile in order to switch custodians. You can’t disconnect any more. You’ll have to reset it.

Please read stuff and try to understand it. That post is like 9 months old now, something in Nightly that time has sure made it in release version.

I suppose even if you reset it, you’ll get your earnings for this month. @Mattches is that right or does that only happen if still connected after the 1st of next month? (in this case 1st October)

Please read stuff and try to understand it.

Sorry, what exactly do I have to understand? I was relating the other post because my situation was the same (can’t find the disconnect button that used to be there) but I was on stable (different conditions). In that thread someone mentioned that it was probably a nightly bug, certainly didn’t expect a bug like that to make it into stable.

Thanks for tagging someone who can help me, I’d like to solve this without losing what’s been accrued.

Do you mean that Gemini has dropped support for your country? You can confirm using this link:

Additionally, if you were already connected to Gemini, then your BAT is held there, not in the browser so you will not lose anything by resetting Rewards and connecting to Uphold (or Gemini) again.

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