New Wallet? gemini?

SOmeone told me brave is adding another option too withdraw ur bats from the reward program and not only to uphold? when can we see this? And why i only see uphold now

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No news about changing to Gemini, what i know is many people suggested to Brave only but still no update.

Just for user in Japan

This is bullsht, they need to remove that uphold, they related too scammers in the industry, they are known for letting investors to rug pulls n so on…

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The most sad now us my uphold account still under review, they had not contacted me since start.

For desktop and later for mobile phone they are doing some major changes in Brave Wallet.
Some pics ¬

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Hey @Batmanmoney !

The Gemini option for verification of Brave wallets will be released on the Nightly version of Brave sometime soon :wink:
Stay tuned!


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