wallet problem for me

Hi, I live in Ivory Coast. I no longer receive my brave rewards. given that my country is not eligible for the two exchange platforms that are huphold and gemini. what solution can you give me. THANKS

@fredd08 There is no solution. You can only earn BAT if you’re connected to a custodial partner. So if you want to earn BAT for yourself, you’ll have to wait for your country to be supported in the past.

That said, you have two choices for Rewards:

  1. Continue opting into Rewards to view ads. All you would have earned from ads will be auto-contributed to Creators.

  2. Disable Rewards and have no ads. As a result, you and Creators won’t be able to earn BAT from your activity.

You’ll just have to make a decision on which of the two options you want to take while waiting for your region to be supported.

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