Any wallet for Chile, uphold and gemini doesn´t work

Hi im from Chile and i can´t get the rewards anymore… any suggestion to claim my BAT, i loose the rewards this month. Please, tell me i can receive the rewards on any other wallet.

You don’t loose any reward. They remain in your browser.
Brave is working to get as many countries back as possible. But there’s a lot of work to be done with the custodial wallets.
Keep accumulating BAT in your browser. As soon as your country is back, you will be able to reconnect.

Regarding any other wallet, I just want to share an answer I gave recently in another post.

second month in a row that I lose my rewards, is there still no solution with a wallet to stop losing BATs?

Shouldn’t be losing any Rewards. Just because you can’t link to Uphold or Gemini doesn’t mean your BAT vanishes. It means you claim and it stores on your device. So please be more clear on your issue.

No. There likely won’t be a resolution on this for at least another couple months. Just keep an eye out on announcements at PSA: Unsupported Region

How am I supposed to claim the rewards? I don’t see any button to claim them, I just see that they disappear, can you help me?

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