Wallet not working

Im getting rewards on the background page but there are no BATs in my wallet

Should I wait one month?

No… just DM @steeven to look at it… He’ll probably ask the wallet internal details or something…

there is no activation button for me at brave rewards

there is no rewards button for me

on brave://rewards, is ads turned on?

yes it is on but there is no button and I just installed it should I wait to get my BATs in my wallet

:point_up: :wink: :point_up:

Its been a long time and no answer yet Can this be because of my region

Should I earn 25 BATs and then activate my wallet to get rewards?I mean uphold account

afaik, you don’t need to verify your brave rewards to uphold to accrue rewards. you only need to verify your rewards wallet with uphold if you want to do stuff like transfer your bat to cash to your bank account… although it’s prolly a good idea to verify your wallet with uphold… The 25 bat minimum to verify your wallet to uphold is only for android… and i think your region does play a part on whether or not you can collect rewards

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