Wallet limit, old linked devices need to be removed

Hello, I got actually the same issue than [bmbarger43], so I will just copy and past his link to know if there is some upgrade on this issue.


I have not been receiving my rewards from accumulating BAT. After some research and googling I would guess it is not allowing me to send my funds to my verified uphold wallet because I have installed and linked the brave browser to my uphold account. I was unaware of this restriction and also have no way of getting to those machines anymore, so I am asking someone on the Brave team to unlink the unwanted machines.


Thanks you for the answer.


Not including those features was incredibly short-sighted, especially when people tend to use multiple devices and get new phones every couple of years.


@STARMEET If you have more than 4 devices connected, you simply cannot receive the BATs in your Uphold account … I had to format the computer several times and changed my phone and as such I had to install Brave again. Doing that they consider it as a new device and as such I have exceeded the limit of 4 devices. We are all in the same situation. Brave people say that it is not possible to disconnect devices from our account, that is, we have no solution to solve the problem …


So, the only solution: create a new uphold account…

@STARMEET I don’t know if it will be the solution … This problem has been around for a long time, more than 6 months. It seems to me that Brave has no interest in solving the problem. If you create another Uphold account you will solve this problem, but you will probably have others … Brave is full of problems with payments and they do not solve anything. Basically they get their share and don’t pay Brave users

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